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Sea Otter

Why You Can’t Flush Used Cat Litter Down the Toilet in California

One of the benefits of Beth Anne’s Finest All Natural Cat Litter is that it can be disposed of in a variety of ways without harming the environment.  Our cat litter can be sprinkled outdoors or placed into a landfill where it will breakdown naturally. … read more
Scottish Wildcats

Wild Cats of the World

Small wild cats are found all over the world including the Americas, Europe, Asia and Africa. Most of these cats are endangered and many are at the point of extinction. Three small wild cats are currently listed as endangered on the International Union for Conservation of Nature, IUCN List of Threatened Species.… read more
The Collecting Cat, Helen J. Maguire

The Collecting Cat, Helena J. Maguire

If you are a lover of cats, then I know you will be charmed by the cats of Helena J. Maguire. Painted in water color in the 19th and 20th centuries, Helena’s felines have regained popularity among collectors in the 21 century.… read more
Cats - Serena and Jennifer

People and Their Cats

While shopping for some fleece fabric for my cats a few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Bradford Harris, a cat lover and a passionate trout fisherman. Bradford was seconded from the sporting goods department to fabrics and as we were chatting Bradford told me about his fishing camping adventures in his converted van in Iowa.… read more


I receive many nice emails from customers all over the country but a few really stand out like this letter about a cat in New York State named Kyle. Kyle’s story really touched my heart. I love making great cat litter but when a cat becomes well again after switching to Beth Anne’s I feel I have accomplished so much more.… read more

Featured Cat

BiPolar Bear at the Cat Show

BiPolar Bear – 3.5 year old Maine Coon

Human companion: Chris Buck from Illinois – Buctales Maine Coons. Chris Buck raises Maine Coons. She attends the cat show in Cedar Rapids every year.  Her cats are HUGE and sweet.  Gentle giants.  She is a special feature of show. read more


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