Fill the tray evenly with three inches of Beth Anne’s Finest All Natural Cat Litter. With a consistent depth of three inches and daily cleaning of tray, Beth Anne’s Finest will last up to fourteen days or more for two average sized adult cats.

Residents of California: Do not flush used cat litter down toilets or drains as it poses a threat to marine wildlife. Please place all used cat litter in the trash.

Other US Residents: Beth Anne’s Finest is flushable, but be responsible and flush wisely.


  • Don’t scoop immediately. The longer you leave it the harder the clump.
  • Beth Anne’s Finest is best suited for indoor usage.


Store in bag in a dry location with moderate temperature. This product should only be used for its intended purpose as cat litter.

What to expect with Beth Anne’s Finest All Natural Cat Litter

Cat Fancy Editor's Choice Award 2010

"This is a great product to help my cats go green. I like that it's chemical and fragrance free as well as biodegradable." Editor's Choice, Cat Fancy Magazine

Cat Quotes

The cat that frightens the mice away is as good as the cat that eats them.

— German Proverb

Cat Facts

Chopin’s “Cat Waltz” owes some of its notes to the composer’s cat, who walked over the piano keys while Chopin worked.

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